Storage Unit Cleanouts in Oahu Island

Don’t want to handle a storage clean out for yourself? If so, it’s time to get in touch with Kanai’s Junk Removal. We are a full-service storage unit junk removal business that is happy to do all the heavy lifting for you!


When we have too much stuff, sometimes, we move it to a storage unit. This seems like a fine idea until you realize that the better move might’ve been to throw some of that stuff away. In any case, now you’re stuck with a storage unit full of junk. How are you going to clean up this mess now? If you don’t want to do the work on your own, consider our storage unit cleanouts. We are Kanai’s Junk Removal, a junk removal business near you that’s ready to get to work!

We are the island of Oahu’s cleanout services company, and we’d love to remove the junk from your storage unit! In fact, if you need our assistance in a flash, then you’ll appreciate our same-day and next-day appointment windows. Contact us today to confirm your storage unit cleanouts. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

Why Our Storage Unit Cleanouts?

Removing junk from storage unit spaces is tough work. Consider all the heavy lifting that you’ll have to do to clean out storage junk such as old electronics, shelves, toolboxes, and more. If you’re not prepared for this sort of work, you can really wind up tiring yourself out. Don’t you have better uses for your free time anyway? Skip the hassles of do-it-yourself junk removal by contacting a professional junk removal business instead—such as Kanai’s Junk Removal! That way, instead of using all your energy on junk, you can take a walk, visit the beach, or hang out with family or friends instead!

You can feel good about choosing our business because we are locally owned and operated! What this means is that your money stays in our economy instead of getting sent out of the state. Compare that to the franchises, which take your cash and send it to a CEO far, far away. Additionally, those franchises cost more to operate than us, giving you just another reason to choose Kanai’s Junk Removal! Of course, if you choose for us to empty out your storage unit, you’ll be able to let go of it, slashing a monthly expense from your budget. So, the sooner you get your storage clean out, the sooner you’ll enjoy huge savings over the long run.

To schedule storage unit cleanouts, contact our crew today! Don’t worry—we’re a friendly group of folks that wants to make your acquaintance. You can start now by either contacting us online or calling us at 808-358-1732. We’ll get your appointment on the schedule straight away, so expect to see us soon! We can’t wait to meet you on your appointment day.

Our Storage Junk Removal Process

  1. We’ll give you a courtesy call when we’re heading over to your storage unit. That way, you can meet us there at the time of your appointment rather than waiting there all day.
  2. We’ll determine what you want to get rid of and what you want to keep. Then, accept our upfront service quote, and we’ll begin removing the storage unit junk for you.
  3. After we have taken all the junk to our truck, we will help you reorganize any items you decided to keep, if there are any. Our crew will do all the manual labor so you don’t have to.
  4. Finally, we will take your payment and dispose of the storage unit junk. Now you’re left with much less clutter than before, meaning you can relax at long last!

Storage Unit Furniture Removal

When you replace some of your old furniture, where does it go? Sometimes, you might wind up putting it in a storage unit, thinking to yourself, “maybe I’ll be able to use it later.” However, that doesn’t always end up being true. You might find that you’ve stored away a bunch of old furniture only to never want to use it again. What this means is that you’re essentially wasting money to store furniture that you don’t even care for. The solution, of course, is our furniture removal services. Whether you have a sofa, a dresser, a bunch of chairs, or an entertainment center stuffed in your storage unit, we’re ready to haul it away for you!

We will take extra care when removing your furniture. More careless crews might be clumsy with your furniture, knocking it against other items in your storage units, the walls, or the ceiling. However, we’ll be cautious to ensure no unnecessary damage occurs. After maneuvering the furniture out of the storage unit, we’ll load it onto our truck and take it away. Where does it go? If it’s gently used, we will take it to a donation site, such as the Habitat for Humanity ReStore.

About Us

For junk removal services on the island of Oahu, get in touch with Kanai’s Junk Removal! A lot of junk removal franchises have flown in and tried to drum up business here, but there’s only one local junk removal business that truly understands Hawaii, and that’s us. So give us a call when you need storage unit cleanouts and more! Our amicable crew loves people, especially the members of our community. We’ll serve you with friendly flair, and we’ll give you great prices on the junk removal services you need. Whatever it takes to delight our neighbors, we’ll do it!

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What Our Customers Have to Say

  • review rating

    Just had an awesome experience with Kana’i’s! My refrigerator finally kicked it and we were looking to bring another fridge from my mom’s house, since it’s so hard to get appliances right now due to COVID. Long story short, they met us at my mom’s, discovered that the fridge we wanted to have moved to my house was wobbly, my mom found a fridge at Costco and they were so gracious to instantly change plans to head to Costco to pick up the new one and bring it back to my house. On top of that, they had to disassemble both the old, broken fridge to get it out of the house and do a little disassembly and rebuilding of the new one to get it in the house.

    Great, great, great customer service on the phone and in person and also great rates. Would definitely book them again and 10/10 would recommend!

    Lisa L.
  • review rating

    These are good people, super helpful in getting the job done right 100%. My family was trying to help our Dad prepare his home to become a rental. A ton of “stuff” had been accumulated over the years, including an old bathtub from a previous remodel, huge metal desks and shelves, plus an old dryer machine.

    Most importantly they were on time, hard working and swept up after hauling a ton of stuff from the carport. Crew of three people with a flatbed style dump truck. I will use them again in the future!

    Mike C.
  • review rating

    Back in late May, I needed to remove a large and heavy medical table from our office.
    I called Kana’i’s Rolloff and they were so accommodating and flexible with their time.
    Excellent customer service with great rates!!

    Brian M.
  • review rating

    Took a risk with Kana’i’s Roll off since there were only a few reviews, but we’re happy we chose them! My Granny passed away earlier this year and we had a ton of stuff we needed to get rid of. Kana’i’s quote was fair and in line with the other companies we called, but they were able to get us scheduled much sooner.

    Kana’i and his coworker Brooks were professional and incredibly respectful of everything that needed to be dumped. I heard nothing but positive remarks from them, even though they ended up needing to do multiple runs and ended up coming back a second day (we had a ton of stuff!).

    Would highly recommend them for small or large jobs – we filled up two trucks and had a mixture of wood, trash, and metals to get rid of. Thanks Kana’i!

    Stephen P.
  • review rating

    Brooks and her team at Kana’i’s were great. Brooks was extremely responsive and they had availability faster than I expected to do a haul of concrete and scrap construction material. We thought about getting a roll off bin but the cost since we had concrete wasn’t that different from having them haul it all for us. The three of them hustled (Brooks included!), and even our very hard to please project manager was really impressed with their work ethic and price! Would definitely recommend them and plan to use them in the future. Our subs were also impressed and are happy to have another company (especially a local, small business) to reach out to for future hauling services.

    Lex F.
  • review rating

    Very professional, Team was able to pickup and haul over 45 bags of debris, dirt, and twigs from the back of our home.
    Quick workers and affordable. They can work with you and also provide you a military discount for those military folks.

    Julian B.
  • review rating

    We had a large, ancient, leaking shed filled with junk from the previous owner. Kana’i, Brooks, Pono, and Dallas were so efficient and helpful in getting the shed dismantled/detached from the slab and carefully loaded onto his trucks. It took a few loads, and we were left with a cleaned slab. Kana’i and crew are very reliable — sent quote right after the visit and arrived on time on the day we agreed on. All his crew are respectful and thoughtful. Highly recommend!

    Jas K.
  • review rating

    Just hired this company for a huge huge haul out of my parents home. It was a massive hard job because they had to go up a walk hill and down some stairs just to enter the home. So to haul all this stuff out was going to be a crazy bust your butt job and they did it with no complaints! They were fast, efficient and very hard workers and very polite, and very affordable!
    You would be crazy not hire them!

    Tamilyn K.
  • review rating

    I had Kanais Roll Off take care of our construction waste that we wanted gone on a short notice, they were not only very quick to respond but also showed up within a few hours for the pickup. Their prices are very fair and would definitely recommend them.

    Alam P.
  • review rating

    I am completely amazed by this company! I had some old furniture to get rid of. They fit me in within days, we’re early, and super professional. I highly recommend using this company. My resident manager was impressed by their work too. Thank you so much for helping me today. No more stress of having additional furniture laying around. I will be using you again and I will spread the word to everyone I know.

    Sonya A.

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