About Kana'i's Junk Removal

Who We Are

Kana’i’s Junk Removal is a professional, locally-owned junk removal service based in Oahu HI, known for our reliability and speed. We offer a comprehensive range of junk hauling services, catering to various needs from residential cleanouts to commercial junk removal. Emphasizing customer convenience, we provide same and next-day services across Honolulu and the entirety of Oahu.

Furthermore, our founders, Kana’i Picanco and Brooks Carillo; proudly lead our company forward with an eco-friendly approach. Aiming to minimize Oahu’s landfill waste by donating and recycling items wherever possible – while always getting the job done on time. Kana’i’s Junk Removal stands out for its upfront pricing, volume-based price system, and the ability to handle any size junk job; all while ensuring customer satisfaction through our trained and experienced team.

Kana’i Picanco and Brooks Carillo standing in front of one of their junk removal trucks.
Founders of Kana'i's Junk Removal company in Oahu.

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer the communities of Oahu efficient and eco-friendly junk removal services; while emphasizing the importance of recycling and donating to minimize waste sent to local landfills. We are committed to providing reliable, transparent, and convenient hauling solutions – for both residential and commercial clients. Prioritizing their satisfaction through professional and prompt service is key to our team. While we focus on environmental sustainability and community welfare – our aim is to set a standard in the junk removal industry for reducing environmental impact and supporting our local community.

Our Core Values

Every member of our team must live by these core values. No ifs, ands, or buts!

Local News Highlights

Kana'i's Junk Removal teams up with Ocean Defenders Alliance to clean up the beaches and piers on the island of Oahu.

Oahu, HI – Kana’i’s Junk Removal, a leader in sustainable Oahu junk removal services, recently joined forces with Ocean Defenders Alliance (ODA) to tackle pollution at He’eia Pier in Kaneohe Bay, a critical site repeatedly affected by marine debris. The event, which took place on a sunny Sunday morning in March, drew 35 volunteers who dedicated their time to removing harmful waste from the local marine environment.

The collaborative cleanup effort was part of ODA’s ongoing mission to protect and clean Oahu’s coastal waters and was supported enthusiastically by Kana’i’s Junk Removal, who provided essential hauling services. Together, the team successfully extracted 39 tires, over 2,000 feet of fishing line, 50 fishing hooks and lures, and 50 pounds of other debris, significantly reducing the potential harm to marine life.

Kurt Lieber, Founder and President of ODA, highlighted the importance of these cleanups. He was happy about the great camaraderie and success of the teams that were involved such as Kana’i’s Junk Removal. Kurt is making it known for anyone that reads this or wants to be a part of these Oahu cleanup efforts to get on board on the Ocean Defenders website.

Kana’i’s Junk Removal, known for their commitment to eco-friendly disposal methods, took charge of transporting all removed tires and debris, ensuring that everything collected was handled according to environmental best practices. “Participating in this cleanup aligns perfectly with our mission to sustain the beauty and health of our island,” said Kana’i Picanco, founder of Kana’i’s Junk Removal. “We are proud to support initiatives like ODA that contribute directly to the preservation of our marine ecosystems and Oahu, my home island.”

This event marks another successful collaboration in the ongoing efforts to maintain the cleanliness and safety of Hawaii’s beaches and marine environments. Kana’i’s Junk Removal continues to be a key player in fostering community involvement and environmental stewardship on Oahu.