Junk Removal in Palolo

When junk obstructs your property, irritation begins to build. Because there may be so many, it can be challenging to choose a trustworthy junk removal company. However, Kana’i’s Junk Removal is here to relieve that worry by providing excellent hauling services in Palolo at an affordable price. If you’re ready, book with us online today!

Full-Service Junk Removal for Palolo!

Want to get rid of your junk quickly and efficiently? Here to help is Kana’i’s Junk Removal. Not only are our junk movers experts and seasoned professionals, but they are also friendly. In addition to being knowledgeable and pleasant, our junk movers have many years of experience. At Kana’i’s Junk Removal, we also provide Palolo with other services like garage cleanouts, light demolition, eviction cleanouts, electronic waste disposal, and more! We take great pride in providing affordable costs that will make you feel less stressed. You will understand why others are so confident in our services once you give us a call.

As a result of our volume-based pricing system, you only pay for the junk that fills our trailer. We are here to respond to any inquiries and offer a quick, efficient service that won’t consume your entire day. So call us today; we’ll be waiting!

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Why Us?

When the amount of clutter becomes unmanageable and you don’t have time to begin the cleaning process due to your busy schedule. Kana’i’s Junk Removal is here to help. With our extensive knowledge, we are perfectly aware of what is necessary to complete a task successfully. House cleanouts, e-waste disposal, light demolition, and other services are just a few of the rubbish removal options we offer. Our movers have the resources and capacity to do the job. Given that we are aware that you have a busy day ahead of you, we even take pride in making the process short and simple. Our team is driving around Oahu every single day in multiple vehicles ensuring that we can get to you the same day you call.

To make things even simpler, we charge in line with our volume-based pricing structure and even provide reasonable prices. You simply need to pay for the junk that our trailer can hold. Watch how simple that is! When you are ready to call, we will be waiting and eager to assist you in clearing out all of your unnecessary clutter.

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  1. You can tell it’s time to have the junk removed because it has been gradually piling up. Give Kana’i’s Junk Removal a call today.
  2. Show us around your house when we arrive so we can identify the things you no longer require. We will provide you with an estimated quote when we perform a walk-through.
  3. We’ll start clearing away all that bothersome junk as soon as you accept our price.
  4. We’ll make sure to clean up after ourselves when you’re finished. Grab your payment and leave. Extremely easy!

Garage Cleanouts in Palolo, HI

When it’s time to get rid of a lot of outdated appliances, worn-down furniture, and other clutter from your garage, it might be challenging. You’re not sure, though, which business provides garage cleanouts at a fair price. Luckily, this service and more are available at a low price from Kana’i’s Junk Removal Our business has been offering garage cleanouts to the Palolo community for a number of years. Our skilled movers take their time and make sure nothing is left behind while they remove everything from your garage. We can do all the heavy lifting, from treadmills to sofas, so you can get back to enjoying your day. So when you are ready to take the next time, book with us online today!

About Us

Kana’i’s Junk Removal team works hard to deliver the top trash removal services in the lovely Palolo neighborhood. We take great delight in providing a wide range of services to assist you in acquiring extra space by clearing your property. We are here to complete our tasks quickly and effectively, and we do so with reasonable prices by providing a volume-based pricing method, which means that you only pay for the rubbish that fills our trailer. So when you are ready, give us a call today or book with us today.

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What Our Customers Have to Say


  • review rating

    Just had an awesome experience with Kana’i’s! My refrigerator finally kicked it and we were looking to bring another fridge from my mom’s house, since it’s so hard to get appliances right now due to COVID. Long story short, they met us at my mom’s, discovered that the fridge we wanted to have moved to my house was wobbly, my mom found a fridge at Costco and they were so gracious to instantly change plans to head to Costco to pick up the new one and bring it back to my house. On top of that, they had to disassemble both the old, broken fridge to get it out of the house and do a little disassembly and rebuilding of the new one to get it in the house.

    Great, great, great customer service on the phone and in person and also great rates. Would definitely book them again and 10/10 would recommend!

    Lisa L.
  • review rating

    These are good people, super helpful in getting the job done right 100%. My family was trying to help our Dad prepare his home to become a rental. A ton of “stuff” had been accumulated over the years, including an old bathtub from a previous remodel, huge metal desks and shelves, plus an old dryer machine.

    Most importantly they were on time, hard working and swept up after hauling a ton of stuff from the carport. Crew of three people with a flatbed style dump truck. I will use them again in the future!

    Mike C.
  • review rating

    Back in late May, I needed to remove a large and heavy medical table from our office.
    I called Kana’i’s Rolloff and they were so accommodating and flexible with their time.
    Excellent customer service with great rates!!

    Brian M.
  • review rating

    Took a risk with Kana’i’s Roll off since there were only a few reviews, but we’re happy we chose them! My Granny passed away earlier this year and we had a ton of stuff we needed to get rid of. Kana’i’s quote was fair and in line with the other companies we called, but they were able to get us scheduled much sooner.

    Kana’i and his coworker Brooks were professional and incredibly respectful of everything that needed to be dumped. I heard nothing but positive remarks from them, even though they ended up needing to do multiple runs and ended up coming back a second day (we had a ton of stuff!).

    Would highly recommend them for small or large jobs – we filled up two trucks and had a mixture of wood, trash, and metals to get rid of. Thanks Kana’i!

    Stephen P.
  • review rating

    Brooks and her team at Kana’i’s were great. Brooks was extremely responsive and they had availability faster than I expected to do a haul of concrete and scrap construction material. We thought about getting a roll off bin but the cost since we had concrete wasn’t that different from having them haul it all for us. The three of them hustled (Brooks included!), and even our very hard to please project manager was really impressed with their work ethic and price! Would definitely recommend them and plan to use them in the future. Our subs were also impressed and are happy to have another company (especially a local, small business) to reach out to for future hauling services.

    Lex F.
  • review rating

    Very professional, Team was able to pickup and haul over 45 bags of debris, dirt, and twigs from the back of our home.
    Quick workers and affordable. They can work with you and also provide you a military discount for those military folks.

    Julian B.
  • review rating

    We had a large, ancient, leaking shed filled with junk from the previous owner. Kana’i, Brooks, Pono, and Dallas were so efficient and helpful in getting the shed dismantled/detached from the slab and carefully loaded onto his trucks. It took a few loads, and we were left with a cleaned slab. Kana’i and crew are very reliable — sent quote right after the visit and arrived on time on the day we agreed on. All his crew are respectful and thoughtful. Highly recommend!

    Jas K.
  • review rating

    Just hired this company for a huge huge haul out of my parents home. It was a massive hard job because they had to go up a walk hill and down some stairs just to enter the home. So to haul all this stuff out was going to be a crazy bust your butt job and they did it with no complaints! They were fast, efficient and very hard workers and very polite, and very affordable!
    You would be crazy not hire them!

    Tamilyn K.
  • review rating

    I had Kanais Roll Off take care of our construction waste that we wanted gone on a short notice, they were not only very quick to respond but also showed up within a few hours for the pickup. Their prices are very fair and would definitely recommend them.

    Alam P.
  • review rating

    I am completely amazed by this company! I had some old furniture to get rid of. They fit me in within days, we’re early, and super professional. I highly recommend using this company. My resident manager was impressed by their work too. Thank you so much for helping me today. No more stress of having additional furniture laying around. I will be using you again and I will spread the word to everyone I know.

    Sonya A.

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